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What’s in ViaViente?

Whole Fruit Purees:

Grape – Supports blood flow, circulation and enhanced digestion

Apple – Supports constitution

Blueberry – Supports circulation and healthier tissues

Bilberry – Supports vision acuity

Lycium Fruit – Supports healthy vision and immune system

Pomegranate – Supports cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range and cardiovascular health.

Elderberry – Supports respiration

Cranberry – Supports digestion

Noni – From Tahiti supports mobility

Prune – Supports healthy digestion

Maca Root – Supports increased energy

Aloe Vera – Supports healthier skin and digestion

Resveratrol – Supports anti-aging and supports blood sugar levels that are already in the normal range.

Mineral Water with Naturally Occurring Minerals:

Selenium – Supports eyes and promotes cell wall integrity

Iodine – Supports healthy thyroid and metabolism

Copper – Supports the heart

Iron – Supports healthy red blood cells and hemoglobin

Chromium – Supports pancreas and blood sugar levels that are already in the normal range.

Manganese – Supports adrenal gland and prevents oxidative stress

Potassium – Supports the kidneys and supports electrolyte balance

Zinc – Supports the prostate and ovaries and supports healthy reproductive function

Molybdenum – Supports blood vessels and supports arterial health

Magnesium – Supports muscles and electrolyte balance

Calcium – Supports bones

Sodium – Supports electrolyte balance

*ViaViente contains Anti-Oxidant Vitamins C & E and the Mineral Selenium